Monday, June 2, 2008

They're kidding, right?

Working and blogging -- for me, these are usually separate things.

I'll make an exception today.

Part of my job involves hiring. Part of that process is screening applications. I reviewed about 35 of those this morning. A few stood out, but not for the right reasons.

One applicant listed several very short previous jobs. The reason for leaving was the same for each: disputes about pay and hours. The same applicant listed as the only reference a personal friend named Grizzly. I imagine that whenever this person had a dispute with his or her employer (often, apparently), he or she would bring in ol' buddy Grizzly as (shall we say) an advocate. I will interview this applicant only if he or she promises to bring Grizzly.

Another applicant, in the space that asks for membership in relevant professional organizations, listed "Anytime Fitness." (Note: the job does not require any sort of physical fitness or stamina.)

Another person applied twice. That's no big deal, except that the applicant's past job experiences differed in the two applications.

Sometimes this job is too easy.

But my employer should get a little flak, too. The employment application form has such helpful directions as "please write legibly" and "be complete." I would love to see a form someday that says "please scrawl unintelligibly" or "please be cryptic and obfuscatory."

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Rob Hardy said...

Do you have any fun jobs I can do? I write legibly, and a job that requires no stamina sounds about right for me. In fact, something I could do while lying in bed would be perfect.