Friday, June 13, 2008

Baseball career (abbrev.)

Scout: Maybe we should take a look at this kid. (points to name on list)

Assistant GM: Why?

Scout: His uncle was a pretty good catcher – played some college ball with my brother.

Assistant GM: That ain’t much of a recommendation.

Scout: Yeah, but his uncle – I kind of promised him I'd put in a good word for the kid.

Assistant GM: Ok, you did. Who else you got on your list?

Scout: Hey, at least let me run down the basics. You got five minutes?

Assistant GM: (shrugs and sighs) OK, go.

Scout: Thanks. Ummm…Third base, shortstop – not a good enough arm. Second base - not enough range. First base - too short. Left field, center field – maybe, but not a lot of speed. Right field – he played some there in high school. Catcher – we could put him there in the developmental league and see what happens.

Assistant GM: You forgot hitting. Can he hit?

Scout: Not really.

Assistant GM: (pause) Explain to me again why we are talking at all about drafting this kid.

Scout: His uncle. Pretty good catcher.


Bleeet said...

Is that you? Was your uncle a pretty good catcher. I mean all the other details seem to fit you.

Jim H. said...
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Jim H. said...


Everything in that post is autobiographical except the scout and the assistant GM.

My uncle John used to tell some great stories from his days as a catcher. Some of them were surely embellished by the passage of time and a couple of cans of Drewery's bock beer.