Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Things that don't work

Brautigan wrote a little poem about the light bulb in his bathroom. The last lines are:

it just keeps burning away.
I believe that it is fond of me.

Yeah, well, Brautigan was just lucky, I guess. I can't seem to get a lightbulb to last as long as I think it should last. The ones claiming long life die first. The ones that are supposed to be heavy duty aren't.

We live in the greatest country in the world at the apex of technological history and should be happy that we don't have to burn the porch furniture to provide light or heat. But, damn, I hate it when I flip the switch and get that little popping sound and then have to search around for a new bulb or steal one from another lamp.

And the "links" feature on Blogger. Can't figure out how to put links to my favoritest blogs on the sidebar to this blog. Not strictly an example of things that don't work. More like things that should be easier to learn.


Bleeet said...

Rockin' Jim! Woo-hoo! Another funny guy with a blog. I like your writing style. I hate it when non-funny guys get a blog and pretend to be funny.


At least, you are actually funny, which gives you the leverage to be both funny and unfunny in your writing.

It works like this: the funny can write the funny and the unfunny, the unfunny can only write unfunny. Funny covers all bases, to put it in baseball terms.

Now, I will use the word "funny" as often as funny can be used. Whoever gets tired of the word "funny" anyway? No one. Funny how that works.

I read several Brautigan books about fifteen years ago. I should pick him up again. I remember being amused and intrigued much in the way I was when I started reading Vonnegut.

I know the two authors get compared often. I didn't know you were such the Twins' fan. I haven't done any Twins' lists yet, maybe some day.

Did do a "new rules for baseball list" though. That was fun and, hopefully, funny.

Anyway, adding your blog to my blogroll on my site post-haste. I just have to come up with a clever one word name for you and/or your blog.

Bleeet said...

Hey, was I your first blogment? (Just made that word up, since anything to do with a blog should have 'blog' in it somewhere, ergo: blog + comment = blogment.) I blogmented even before your dear, dear children?

What a gaggle of blogsers (blog + losers) they are!

Bleeet said...

Here's the New Rules for Baseball list: