Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today's Review: Twins v Royals

Last night, the Twins were very fortunate to get a win in the tenth inning. They squandered many chances to score and handed the Royals a few extra at-bats. The Twins bullpen, subject of much preseason hand-wringing, performed well. The Twins hitters weren't especially good with runners in scoring position, and the runners weren't especially good at running. Highlights: Cuddyer 4 for 4 plus a walk; Dusty Hughes' spectacular catch of a looping liner; Danny V's single that mercifully ended the game. I was able to enjoy the nice weather at Target Field, which really is an outstanding baseball venue.

This afternoon, the Twins couldn't get anybody out. Getting opposing batters out is one of the things a baseball team is supposed to do. It contributes to winning. Francisco the Enigma Liriano, I'm lookin' at you.

This was a rare two-game series. It is the first series the Twins haven't lost this year.

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