Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Schell's: Good Beer, eh?

Twenty-five years ago, I helped a friend remodel a house in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis. It was August. Hot and muggy. My pay: some cold Schell's Deer Brand beer and some very good home-cooked food. He was a better cook than carpenter.

The friend later opened a restaurant which did pretty well. I was a silent partner (except for that one weekend cooking pizza). We both made a little money off that place.

I still like Schell's beer. I especially like the fact that the little brewery in New Ulm, MN has expanded its line to include several craft beers - ales and stouts and the like. Last year was the 150th anniversary of the brewery's founding and of course they produced a commemorative beer. Actually, they produced five different limited editions, then had customers vote on which one should be the official sesquicentennial beer. The Hopfenmaltz won. I had some tonight and I concur.



Rob Hardy said...

My favorite is the Grain Belt Nordeast, which is also, as you know, brewed by Schell's.

Jim H. said...
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Jim H. said...

Rob: Nordeast is a favorite, for sure. Hard to believe that some people objected to Schell's use of the term 'nordeast.' They thought it pejorative. My son lives in Nordeast. he's proud of the neighborhood and the beer!