Thursday, April 7, 2011

Readers' Guide

Why some things appear on this blog --

Milburn Wagon Works: My paternal grandmother was a Milburn and her uncle founded the Milburn Wagon Works in Mishawaka, IN (later moved to Toledo, OH). The company produced an electric car -- the Milburn Light Electric -- that cost $1,685.00 in 1917.

Brautigania: I enjoy Brautigan's writing. But then, I enjoy so many other things -- Seinfeld re-runs, Coen brothers movies, beer, baseball, sleep -- how come Brautigan is more prominent on this blog than all those other things? Well, hell, I don't know. Stop bugging me about it.

Posnanski: Been following his blog from the beginning. I was worried that, once he started writing for Sports Illustrated, his prose would suffer -- like Totino's Pizza became so boring after the brand that started life in a tiny Nordeast joint was bought by Pillsbury. But Posnanski's blog is still amazing and still free.

Poetry: It's like food. Here's one from Bill Holm's collection "The Chain Letter of the Soul."

The Decline of the Colorado

At Yuma, a retired accountant with prostate trouble
could piss across the Colorado.
"Used to be in the canyon business,"
the river whispers, squishing
along between cottonwoods,
"before I moved to California
to grow organic lettuce."

What does a man say to a river
that couldn't flood a ballpark after
a hundred thunderstorms?
Old geezer, it doesn't help --
my weeping for you.

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