Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poetry day. And a bad day for baseball in Minnesota

Today is the capstone of poetry month -- it's national read-a-poem day! I have a Brautigan classic that you might enjoy. Today is also a double-header for the Twins, who are losing again to Tampa Bay. Curse you, Johnny Damon!

It's cold and damp and not quite unfit for baseball. Baudelaire would not have cared.

A Baseball Game
(part 7 of Galilee hitchhiker)

Baudelaire went
to a baseball game
and bought a hot dog
and lit up a pipe
of opium.
The New York Yankees
were playing
the Detroit Tigers.
In the fourth inning
an angel committed
suicide by jumping
off a low cloud.
The angel landed
on second base,
causing the
whole infield
to crack like
a huge mirror.
The game was
called on
account of

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