Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spare Parts Poem

Some of R. Brautigan's work feels to me like it's made of bits and pieces that he had lying around the shop.

Here is one of my own made of mostly spare parts. I say 'mostly' because I think it does have some structure and adhesion to it.

How to make autumn

Where are all these people going? Isn’t
it wonderful and amazing that there
are so many different styles of automobile?

Freedom of choice!
Choose your poison.
Put the top down.
Turn the radio up.

Do all these people really need or want
to be someplace else?
As soon as we arrive, we start planning to leave.

I'm pleased the Phillies won the World Series, though watching it on the Fox network was painful, and not just because of the nasty weather. Tim McCarver continues to make odd statements and just plain stupid observations.

For example: One of the pitchers threw two changeups in a row. Timmy described this as unusual, saying that it's OK to throw two fastballs in a row or two curveballs, but a pitcher would have to have lots of confidence to think he can throw two changeups in a row. Timmy did not explain why this is so. He simply said it, as if the truth of it were obvious to everyone. His broadcast partner did not respond in any fashion at all, which usually means his broadcast partner has realized that Timmy just laid another one. But I really do want to know why. I thirst for more baseball knowledge, and Timmy did not even try to quench my thirst!

Do any readers of this blog (this means you, Rob) have any idea why a pitcher should never throw two changeups in a row?

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