Monday, October 20, 2008

Save the buckthorn! (Part III)

According to the Minnesota Historical Society, the first official pheasant hunting season in Minnesota began on October 16, 1924. The ring-necked pheasant was introduced to Minnesota in about 1905. It isn’t native to these parts. In fact, the Historical Society says it was brought here from China. China!

Why aren’t environmentalists and historic preservationists falling all over themselves trying to rid the state of pheasant? Like the zebra mussel, purple loosestrife, and buckthorn, pheasant don’t belong here!

Pheasant probably pushed the native prairie chicken population from Minnesota into the Dakotas, so pheasant could be considered invasive. The species has only been here for a century or so, which is pretty recent considering that most animals began to populate this region ten thousand years ago, as the ice receded.

If you aren’t willing to eradicate pheasant, then I’m not willing to join the fight against buckthorn.


Rob Hardy said...

I know this is the real reason you're voting NO on the proposed constitutional amendment: it might threaten the buckthorn.

John T. said...

As a matter of fact, white people are an invasive species.
The state will pay you (not enough) for your efforts to get rid of buckthorn. It's a losing battle though. The government introduced asian lady beetles which must have cost us plenty. They are PESTS and they don't taste good in your breakfast cereal either.
I followed the link from Penelopedia to get here for the exact same reason I first picked up Trout Fishing in America back in the 1970's. "Hmmm, something about trout fishing -- must be interesting".
For some reason chemicals hovering near the ceiling and an umbrella stand come to mind -- Am I thinking of the same author?

Jim H. said...

Welcome, John T.

Yes, The Hawkline Monster. I liked the fact that one of the main characters counted stuff for no good reason.

John T. said...

It's funny, Yesterday I found myself in a minor time warp. I was thinking about Jack London for one reason or another, then I happened upon Brautigan in the form of your blog, then Tom Robbins and Kurt Vonegut joined the party in my head. I discovered them all around the late 70's when I was heading off to college.
Maybe some sublimal social-political thing is going on in my head or maybe I just saw a Target ad.