Friday, October 10, 2008

Capsule Review

Saw "The View from the Bridge" last night at the Guthrie. First visit since the new building opened on the riverfront.

The building: Not good, except for the cantilevered walkway with a terrific view of the Mississippi river and downtown. The thrust stage is very nice, too, but that's because it is faithful to Rapson's design of the original Guthrie. The rest of the building is dark, stark, confusing, uninviting.

The play: Excellent. Outstanding. The acting was superb, especially Marco, whose pride was subtle and fierce. An understudy played the part of the lawyer/narrator. He was marvelous. His grief and his sense of responsibility were utterly convincing. And the script, of course, is just amazing, pulling the audience in. The plot is simple but the characters complex. You have to think.

Recommendation: Go! Enjoy! Overlook the stupid pop architecture but savor the powerful theatrical experience.

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