Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A one-game season

This may sound like apostasy here in Twins Territory, but I won't be all torn up if the Twin lose tonight. They played some really crappy baseball in September (as did the White Sox), so one last loss would be fitting in a way.

I hope the Twins win. If they do, I will go to every post-season game they play at the Dumpty Dome. But...whatever happens happens.


Anonymous said...

Poor Twins. . . Go Sox!
"Old Cubs Fan"

Jim H. said...

I won't be rooting for the Sox in the post-season, but I understand why an Old Cubs fan would relish the possibility (remote as it is) of an all-Chicago World Series. Nice to see the Cubbies back in the post-season.

The way the Twins' season ended was appropriately painful and deflating. We had received out playoff tickets via FedEx at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. Six hours later, we were on line at the Twins web site checking the "refund" box.