Saturday, July 5, 2008

Seven and a half songs

On June 17, Penelopedia tagged me with a ‘meme’ and I didn't know it until yesterday. And I didn't know until today what this even means. Tagged? Meme? Hey, this doesn't hurt a bit! I don't mind being tagged with a meme, especially if it has to do with music and bragging. So I'm supposed to blog about seven songs I'm listening to. I guess the vast legion of readers will jump right over to iTunes and buy these songs, eh?

1. All The Time In The World by The Subdudes from the CD Primitive Streak (High Street Records 1996). An eclectic group with New Orleans roots.

2. High Water by Bob Dylan from Love & Theft.

3. Too Soon To Tell by The Subdudes from Primitive Streak. Bonnie Raitt appears on slide guitar and backing vocal. Nice.

4. March of the Lost Children by Joe Zawinul & The WDR Big Band on the CD Brown Street (2007 Heads Up Records), featuring the justly famous Alex Acuña on percussion. This tune is a good bridge to the next one because it has kind of a 60's jazz feel to it.

5. Cool Blues by Jimmy Smith from the CD of the same name (Blue Note 1958; 2001 re-issue). Lou Donaldson on sax, Art Blakey on drums. I've written before about seeing Blakey and Donaldson play. This record is quintessential Jimmy Smith.

6a. Procession by Joe Zawinul from Brown Street. Fine use of a barking dog.

6b. The Clothesline Saga by The Roches on A Nod to Bob tribute CD (Red House Records). This is a little-known Dylan song, done with great mystery and humor by The Roches.

7. Interesting by Mavis Staples from Time Waits for No One. Paisley Park Studios (year?). Prince himself, who produced the album, plays drums on this number.


Penelope said...

Jim, I was sure you'd have a good list -- but didn't want to bug ya by overtly letting you know I'd tagged you! (Yes, I tend toward diffidence!) I'll check out some of these songs, I'm sure. I certainly remember Bonnie Raitt's own recording of Too Soon to Tell (which at this moment is getting hopelessly mixed up in my mind with Emmylou Harris' version of Too Far Gone), and I am a Roches fan from way back.

Jim H. said...

Diffidence rules!

The Roches' autobiographical song is one of my all-time favorites ("We spell our last name R-O-C-H-E.")

And their song about being a waitress...hilarious and kind of sad, too.