Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Pots of June

Here are a few pieces -- three of about fifteen -- that came out of the kiln last month. These are experiments, as nearly all of my stuff is. Playing around with colored slips, engobes, and underglazes.

Mostly the results were good. Some will be available for sale later this summer at the Northfield Arts Guild shop.

Some may become wedding gifts (our oldest son has reached the age when many of his friends are getting married, which naturally makes us feel a little old).

Some may end up as Christmas gifts, especially since older sister (a master organizer, which is a good thing) has decided that gifts in this year's annual family exchange will be hand-made.

A bargain at any price!


[NOTE: It would be nice if these pictures lined up neatly on the left and the text flowed neatly on the right. Alas, I give up trying get Blogger to do what I want it to do.]
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Bleeet said...

Excellent as always, Jim.

Love the pink lines.

Makes me think of Egypt for some reason. No idea why.

Jim H. said...


Stripes are seen frequently as a decorative motif in Egyptian art and archtecture. King Tut's headdress is striped.

Indeed, such a ceremonial headdress would look good on Northfield's next mayor.