Friday, April 25, 2008

Twins hitting: Oxymoron?

The Twins have three of the greatest hitters in franchise history to help out during spring training -- Tony Oliva, Rod Carew, and Harmon Killebrew. Yet the team struggles to get on base and struggles even more to score runs. What's the deal here? Yeah, it's still only April, and Cuddyer's been on the DL. Morneau and Mauer are notoriously slow starters. But...damn!

I had in mind a longer post, comparing the Twins to their central division rivals in all the offensive statistical categories, but then I decided it's not worth the energy it takes to do that. Maybe Joe Vavra can do that when he's not screwing up Delmon Young's swing, or whoever Bill Smith has as his gopher can run the numbers. Or maybe Aaron Gleeman, who's pretty damn good with those stats, can (or has) put them up on his blog.

This team is going to be fun to watch because of the new faces (Gomez, Tolbert, young Mr. Young) but hard to watch because they'll hover around .500 all year, which is just painful for fans like me. They won't be lovable losers or surprise winners, they'll just be mediocre. Ah, well, it's still baseball and we still have decent seats (in the Dome, those are hard to come by).

And the guys at Allright Hamilton! are still pretty funny.

C'est la baseball.

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