Friday, April 11, 2008

Nice pots, I think

Here are three new pots that came out of the kiln last week, part of a load of about 15 pots. Most of them will end up in the Northfield Arts Guild shop. Some of these were partially glazed using the most inexpensive spray tool ever invented -- a little aluminum mouth sprayer that I'm told has been used in the far east for centuries.* I just bought one at Continental Clay in Minneapolis. It's cool!

* Yes, I know aluminum hasn't been around for centuries. The ancient Japanese and Chinese potters made them out of something else.


Rob Hardy said...

Very nice pots, indeed. I'm heading down to the NAG shop to sNAG myself one as soon as I can.

Greg said...

Beautiful work! I esp. like the one in the middle.

Jim H. said...


The Shop will be closed for some painting and repair work this weekend. My pots will appear for the grand re-opening on April 22 or 23. Go spend money!


Thanks. I did a small plate with the same glaze combination as that tall vase. I kept the plate for myself!

Jim Haas