Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Middle Vegan Relief

Pat Neshek, the young sidearm/submarine pitcher for the Twins, announced that he's adopted a vegan diet and a new workout regimen. He thinks it will give him more stamina over the long season.

I have been plumbing the depths my musty memory to come up with the name of the Minnesota North Star hockey player who stopped eating red meat. It was in 1982, I think (the year after the North Stars went to the Stanley Cup finals). I recall that he faded badly and his coaches and teammates were angry because they were sure his goofy no-meat diet was to blame. Who was that player?

Anyway, I hope Neshek's new diet is a smashing success and becomes the next big thing in major league clubhouses and training rooms. No syringes or underworld liaisons needed.


Greg said...

Have you seen this? (I'm sure you could come up with a much betterpoem.)

Jim H. said...


That one is kind of a snooze, even though I like some other stuff by Sooze.

Joe Posnanski did a haiku preview for every team in the AL Central, and Joe is hard to beat. I might just try, though!

Thanks for the link.

Third Base Line said...

Prince Fielder recently went vegetarian, and I've gotta think that's going to be no end of help to his health and his game (if done correctly, of course--a "junk food vegetarian" isn't going to be any healthier than a "junk food omnivore"). Good to see these guys looking for and working hard at solutions that are legal and benefit their long-term health, not just their next game.