Saturday, March 29, 2008

Base ball begins

Monday the The Twins play the Angels at the Dome. It's exciting because the opening game of the season is always exciting. But this year's game will have the odd thrill of seeing Torii Hunter in center field for the Angels. I do hope the Minnesota fans behave themselves. Don't throw hot dogs or plastic beer bottles like you did when Knoblauch returned in a Yankee uniform. That was bush.

We'll be there Tuesday, and then later in the week the Northfield HS choir will sing at a game. I believe they were lined up to do the national anthem, but got bumped and will sing "God Bless America" instead.

I have a question about that: Are we supposed to stand and remove our hats during "God Bless America?" I don't, but many people do. I always thought these gestures of respect and humility were reserved for the national anthem. Doing so for any other song diminishes the meaning of the true national anthem. So what's the deal?

At least they don't blast that jingoistic Lee Greenwood any more.

Livan 'El Principe' Hernandez will get the start. I hope he has at least one chance to show off his soccer skills.

Gomez will make a spectacular catch in center, steal a couple of bases, and get picked off first at a crucial point in the game.

Go, Twins!

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