Thursday, January 17, 2008


Home-made calzone, fresh from the oven. I made one last night as a way to celebrate the return of my appetite, which had been kind of knocked off course or blunted somehow after a few days in hospital.

This is also a very delayed response to Rob Hardy's one-word comment on a long-ago one-word post on this blog (for a recap, go here.) Rob has posted pictures and recipes for home-made bagels, bread, and some other goodies, so this post was inspired by him and by the fact that I finally found some long-lost calzone photos.

One of the problems in our house is that the children each have strong and differing preferences about software, so we have several photo-editing and graphics packages, several web browsers, several music storage and editing programs, and dozens of utilities about which I know very little. Files, especially picture files, get saved in what seem like random, illogical places -- the digital equivalent of nooks and crannies and loose floorboards and old boxes and musty steamer trunks. I stumbled across the calzone photos while looking for something else. Lucky you.


Rob Hardy said...

So, what's inside? I like to fill those babies with fresh roma tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella, diced ham, garlic, salt, and pepper, all left to stand for a few hours in olive oil before being wrapped up in the dough.

And for the vegetarian, fennel, red bell pepper, and onion, with fontina cheese.

Rob Hardy said...

P.S. My vegetarian son's favorite meal, actually, is "sfinciuni," a double crust pizza, filled with broccoli and ricotta.

Jim H. said...

What's inside? In the picture, one is a veggie calzone, with artichoke hearts, zucchini, mushrooms, green pepper, and a couple different cheeses. The other one (and the one I made last night) has some Italian sausage cooked with added fennel seed and red pepper flakes. The sliced sausage goes in after it has cooled from cooking, along with some green and red pepper slices. Garlic & onion, of course. I like lots of provolone, with some shredded Romano or Paremesan.

Fresh basil sounds good, as does fontina cheese. Really, though, just about anything goes so long as its spicy and robust.