Sunday, November 4, 2007

The "OOO" Team needs a catcher

Mikhail Horowitz is a contributing editor of Elysian Fields Quarterly, which began life as The Minneapolis Review of Baseball. Horowitz has constructed many amusing baseball lineups using real players' names. So the idea is his, though the following roster is mine.

Almost every team has somebody with the "OOO" sound in a name or nickname, a name the fans can chant, as in "LEEWWWW " Ford. What if every player had such a name? I suppose the novelty would wear off pretty quickly, but imagine the anticipation on opening day if the PA announcer and the fans could wrap their voices around this lineup:

OF Mookie Wilson

OF Lou Pinella

OF Max “Scoops” Carey

1b Boog Powell

2b Moon Mullen

3b Dave “Soup” Campbell

SS Jimmy “Scoops” Cooney

DH Cecil “Coop” Cooper


SP Johnny Lee “Blue Moon” Odom

RP Ugueth “Oogie” Urbina

Mgr Bob Boone

You noticed the missing catcher. I couldn't come up with one. Nominations are open.

PS: It was a thrill to get a comment from Mr. Horowitz himself on an earlier post. Cool!

PPS: Most every player with the nickname Scoops was a first baseman, and most every player with the nickname Soup had the last name Campbell. Sometimes ballplayers aren't the most original lot.


Rob Hardy said...

Would you have Boof Bonser and Boots Day (Expos 1960s) in the bullpen?

I can't think of a catcher either. Maybe Daniel George COOgan?!

Rob Hardy said...

P.S. And I suppose your commissioner of baseball is Bowie Kuhn.

Rob Hardy said...

Okay, now you know how I've been spending my day. Here's a double-OOO catcher for you: Luke Sewell.

Jim H. said...

I cannot believe I forget about our very own Boof Bonser!

I would definately Boo Bowie.

Jim H. said...

Coogan would be a good choice, in part because he played some minor league ball at Cape May, New Jersey. I did a little work one time in Cape May Courthouse, the county seat (duh) of Cape May County. I like the town's name -- Cape May Courthouse.