Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Magic of Heat

No, not the Orlando Magic or the Miami Heat. I'm talking about temperatures above 2000 degrees (Fahrenheit) . It transforms dull clay and other inert, inorganic materials into shiny pretty things. These are two pots that came out of the kiln yesterday. They're OK.

I've tried to think of an elegant metaphor for making pots; something that captures the fun and msytery and earthiness of it. I've never been able to find just the right one. That's OK.

Making pots is for me just a nice combination of the artistic and the utilitarian, the subtle and the surprising. It's very pleasant. Maybe it's like fishing -- a bad day fishing beats a good day doing anything else. I wouldn't know, though, because I haven't been fishing since I was about twelve years old. Maybe it's like sailing -- using the forces of nature but at the same time being at their mercy. I used to have a 14' O'Day Javelin on a reservoir in central Ohio, which is to real sailing as Wendy's is to cooking. My only experiences with ocean sailing (off Cape Cod and off the Florida keys) both went rather badly.

See? Why bother?

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