Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Makes Poz Special

Joe Posnanski is a sports writer. He published a wonderful book this year called "The Soul of Baseball" about Buck O'Niel and the negro leagues. He writes a regular column for the Kansas City Star. And he just re-started his fantastic blog, cleverly named Joe Posnanski. There's a link over there on the right.

I'm a baseball fan, so I check several baseball blogs almost every day. Each has its own appeal, about which I have written before (see the entry for September 4, 2007). Posnanski sets himself apart, though, because he blends an astonishing knowledge of the game's history, an appreciation for and understanding of the more advanced metrics used by stat geeks (and even some general managers), a wide-eyed fan's genuine enthusiasm, and a writing style that's just plain fun to read.

Joe's posts are usually very long -- no short bursts or journal entries like many blogs. I don't know when the guy sleeps, but I'm awfully glad he shares his skill and humor and insight with the rest of us.

If blogs had dust jackets, his could quote me (and many others) saying "Highly recommended!"

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