Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Taking over the airwaves

Our eldest son had a show on the student radio station at Augsburg College in Minneapolis.

Our daughter has a show on KOXY 104.7, the student radio station at Occidental College in Los Angeles. If you're inclined, you can listen via streaming audio at 7:00PM every Wednesday -- just use the link above and click "listen."

Our youngest son has a show on KRNL 89.7, the student radio station at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa. The station is temporarily off the air because of a dead main control board, but should be back up in a week or so. He's on Saturdays at 7:00PM.

When I was an undergraduate at Indiana University many eons ago (shortly after the invention of radio), I had a show on the student radio station.

I guess we all like the sounds of our own voices and want to share them with or inflict them upon others. Makes a daddy proud.

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