Monday, October 29, 2007


What do we do now?

Read, I guess. Shovel snow or at least prepare to shovel snow. Make vacation plans. Daydream.



Bleeet said...

Daydream about books featuring vacationers shoveling snow.

Sound good?

Rob Hardy said...

I enjoy sitting in front of a warm fire in my pajamas, sipping hot chocolate (maybe with a little peppermint schnapps), and watching my neighbor outside shoveling snow.

Jim H. said...

My neighbor is an obsessive shoveler. If he could, he'd be out there with an oversize mitt, catching every flake before it landed on his precious driveway. A robust coffe with a dash of Galliano would be an excellent accompaniment to watching him shovel.

Rob Hardy said...

Bruce with His Snow Blower, March

Once again skimming off the cream
of last night’s snow, he moves
more slowly now under the weight
of early March, like an old man
with his walker down long white
corridors, the old pioneer remembering
how in November he broke
the first heavy snow with his plow
and opened up the vast territory of winter.