Saturday, August 4, 2007

Twins: Fading Fast (but maybe not fast enough)

Last season, the Twins tore up the division in the 2nd half of the season. They fell asleep in the post season, but the remarkable run gave us hope for 2007.

That hope is fading fast. They can't even win behind Johan -- letting Cleveland's portly one (Captain Cheeseburger) off the hook yesterday. The Twins have such a solid core of experienced players in Santana, Mauer, Hunter, Morneau, Cuddyer, and Bartlett, it seems a damned shame to pencil in the likes of Jason Tyner or Rondell White at designated hitter or -- consider the implications of the following statement -- to use Lew Ford as defensive substitute for Jason Kubel. It's so obvious to point out, as many have done since spring training, that the Twins have some big gaps; that their core of talent is surrounded by mediocrity. Just look at either end of the batting order or at the third through fifth starters.

At least Sir Sidney is gone and the over-the-hill Ortiz is now doing mop-up duty.

This team always seemed to have fun, what with Redmond's nose-touching and naked walks through the clubhouse, Torii's mummy impression after getting hit in the jaw by a pitch. But now the clubhouse hi-jinx have given way to carping by Torii and Johan.


At least Terry Ryan has so far avoided the word "rebuilding." If he ever says "rebuilding" in reference to the roster, he is really saying "Get ready for some crappy baseball." And at least Jeff Cirillo, who told Gardenhire he didn't want to play every day, has gotten his wish.

Go, Twins!


Bleeet said...

But just four and a half back as of this afternoon. That's a blessing and a curse, isn't it?

If you're going to lose, just lose; don't torment!

Oh well. It's always perverse when you start wanting your guys to lose just so you don't have to be so earnest about keeping up on things.

It's like trolling for disappointment.

Jim H. said...

Yeah. I write about the near-anonymous Ortiz, and he promptly gets a win. I write about how fast they are fading, and they're suddenly back in the race.

I like being wrong!