Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Por que te apuras?

Last night, the Twins infield got a little mixed up and let a pop fly drop in for a gift single. Mr. Gladden, one of the Twins' radio broadcasters, said that it was probably a language problem because the rookie 2nd baseman, Mr. Casilla, doesn't speak English very well.

I'm sorry, Danny (Dazzle), but that remark is just STOOPID! Yes, Mr. Casilla is young and his first language is Spanish. But he has played lots and lots of baseball and he has played with plenty of English-speaking teammates and even in the Latin American developmental leagues, the infielders -- regardless of their native tongue -- are all taught to wave their arms and yell "MINEMINEMINE!" or "MEMEME!" or "IGOTIT!" I'll bet Mr. Casilla learned this soon after he picked up a glove, or most certainly after his first infield collision. He is a freakin' major league baseball player, Danny!

I got to watch a couple of World Baseball Classic games in Los Angeles last year. Teams representing Japan and Canada and the US of A and Mexico, with players from all parts of the globe, some major leaguers on loan during spring training, some college players, an assortment. And they ALL knew how to call for a fly ball or popup. Even the Canadians.

Language problem, my ass.

The Twins like to brag that they play the game "the right way," as in doing the little things correctly and consistently. This year? Not not not.

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Bleeet said...

In situations like that, it's usually a case of simply not hearing one's teammate(s), or thinking you hear one of them call for it when they haven't. That was always my experience as a life-long centerfielder.

Incidentally, such mistakes were always my teammate's fault.

"Even the Canadians." Nice.