Friday, August 10, 2007

Plate (non-tectonic)

Here's a plate I made. I like it because the glaze combination -- one I'd never used before -- turned out quite well. I know you are supposed to do test tiles before using a new glaze or combination of glazes on a finished piece, but I have many reasons for not doing so in this case:
1. In a hurry
2. Lazy
3. Enjoy serendipity
4. Carefree (or, what the heck, why not? (a variant of #3))
5. Procrastinator
6. Supremely confident in own ability to predict novel results
7. Thrill-seeker (corollary: test tiles are boooooring)

This plate was part of a commission, which is too bad in a way because it sure looks nice on our table.

1 comment:

Bleeet said...

Hey! Did you steal my list format?

Oh wait... I guess maybe I wasn't the firat person to write lists.

Maybe I was the second though?

Cool plate.