Sunday, August 26, 2007

Legends of the Backyard (a break from Brautigania)

Friday evening we had a little birthday party for a couple of friends. We stocked two pale ales: Sierra Nevada (from Chico, CA) and Schell's (from New Ulm, MN).

I've liked Sierra Nevada for several years now, and often drink it when Matt Garza is pitching for the Twins. He's from Chico, as if I really needed an excuse. I've always liked Schell's beer, too, and I was pleased to see the brewery is now making a pale ale. The front label says it's "A Legendary Ale." The back label reveals that it was first brewed in 1997. Pretty young for a legend.

We did a blind taste test and the Schell's won 5-1. It's cheaper than Sierra Nevada (at least around here), so I guess it'll be Schell's for a while at our house. Garza's on his own. I'm sure the legendary pitcher can handle it.

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