Thursday, May 12, 2011

Garden envy

Tulips and daisies and lilies in profusion. Crocuses. Even some early-season roses. All over town, flowers are exploding in bright colors. The yards are positively bristling with blooms.

Except ours. We have, it seems, no skill or luck at all when it comes to growing things. Inside or out. Vegetables, herbs, flowers , grass -- doesn't matter. We plant it, tend it, watch it. It dies, or at best looks like a cheap imitation. The few lilies and tulips we have in our comically small garden are nice, but almost pathetic in comparison to the neighbors. I don't know why.

That may explain my affinity for the lowly dandelion. We have lots of healthy dandelions. And I need do nothing at all to make them grow! One takes one's satisfaction where one can.

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