Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today's Review: Ryan Adams

Last winter, my oldest son Michael put a bunch of Ryan Adams songs on a CD, handed it to me, and said "I think you might like this." I guess he figured -- correctly -- that I like all kinds of music (except 'smooth' jazz, most hip-hop, and most country music recorded in the last decade) so I would probably like Ryan Adams. Somehow, that CD got buried among the drifts and piles of junk that cover my bedside table. I finally unearthed it last week.

Sorry, Michael. It's not that I dislike the songs. Most are perfectly serviceable pop tunes, but nothing grabbed me except "Happy Birthday," which I like very much. The slightly dissonant chord struck on the downbeat of alternate measures is cool. It perfectly reflects how I think the poor guy feels.

If I can figure out how to embed the Grooveshark widget, you will be able to click and listen right here! That is what the Internet is for.

OK. The widget thing isn't working, so here's a link to Grooveshark and the Ryan Adams birthday song. Great tune, kinda odd lyrics.

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