Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today's Review: Avenue Q at the Mixed Blood

If I could use thumbs without infringing on a copyright, I would put one up and one down. Three out of five stars. The sound of one hand clapping. I liked the show, had lots of good laughs. Clever staging. Some cool puppetry. Some outstanding vocal performances. But...

Many critics have used the "Rent meets Sesame Street" line to describe Avenue Q. That works. The Mixed Blood production is very solid (except for a few sound glitches that night and one singer not quite up to par). I got the feeling that I'm supposed to like the show because it deals (after a fashion) with race and sexual preference and celebrity and poverty. But...

It just felt kind of shallow, which is probably not fair because I don't think the show's creators intended anything like Weight or Depth or Significance. It was fun, and I guess fun is just fine.

Favorite character: The Bad Idea Bears, played with great frivolity. Least favorite: The Gary Coleman building superintendent. Did not get the point of that at all.

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