Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Joe Zawinul

In addition to a stack of partially-read books, I am confronted daily by a small pile of CDs that I want to listen to, supplemented by a list of recommendations from various music blogs like Old Blue Bus and Songs:Illinois. The CDs come from our friendly local libraries which, as a way to get some good songs, is even cheaper than i-Tunes.

One of the CDs is Joe Zawinul's 1997 two-disc set "World Tour." I like it a lot. Like many jazz fans, I first encountered Zawinul when he co-founded the group Weather Report, which some historians credit for inventing or at least popularizing jazz fusion. Their song "Birdland" was a hit.

Anyway, I got this CD from the library and, while listening to it, looked around on the Interweb for stuff about Joe Zawinul. To my surprise, I found out he had died last year. September 11, 2007. What? How come I didn't know this?

I'll just say I enjoy his music vey much. He was doing "world music" before it became a genre. Thank you, Joe.

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