Friday, February 1, 2008

Bloggy News, February Edition

1: Albedo - This sounds like a guy who may have played shortstop for the old Brooklyn Dodgers or like something related to one's libido. But it has to do with earth's ability to absorb or reflect the sun's energy. I learned about it from an eclectic new blog written by a student at Occidental College. She writes well about all sorts of stuff, so please check out the new link on the right sidebar called "K. Haas Does the Interweb."

2: Predicting the Future - Because I will be confined to my home for a few weeks and because I can't pursue my usual hobby of collecting and preserving discarded plastic soda bottles and caps that have been run over by cars*, I will be free to inflict upon you far more frequent blog entries. Hooray. Among other things, Im working on a profile of countries through which the equator runs. Might even dig up a few more Brautigan** poems to enliven things.

You have been warned...

* And you thought I did pottery!
** Remember him?

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