Thursday, July 19, 2007

When being wrong still feels right

Punto came up with the bases loaded in the eighth inning of a one-run game. I screamed at Gardenhire through the radio "You've got Kubel on the bench and you're letting Punto bat? Aaakkk!" Punto grounded into a double play to end the inning. Sheesh.

At the breakfast table the next morning, I mentioned this to my oldest son. He said "Kubel is terrible." I said something about him being at least better than Punto in a high-leverage situation. Son said "nope," and referred me to Aaron Gleeman's analysis of the Twins lineup using a stat called "adjWPA." Sure enough, Kubel is dead last. (See the link to Gleeman's blog in the sidebar. If I knew how to embed a link directly in this post, I would. Be patient.)

The following night, Kubel had to go into the game to replace a gimpy Torii Hunter. Kubel managed to be up with the bases loaded and two out in a one-run game and STRUCK OUT LOOKING!

Punto....expect the worst at the plate and be vindicated. Kubel...expect big things and be disappointed.

Tough being a Twins fan these days.


Bleeet said...

It's very hard for me to listen to or watch the Twins or most sports teams I actually like. I get too emotionally wrapped up in it, and brood for a long time if the game doesn't go our way.

Unless the Twins are beating Chicago with 32 runs in the same day. Note: those games weren't an official double-header, in which case they probably would have been at least a Twins' record of some sort.

Bleeet said...

Hey, Jim, thanks for the link to my blog, but it's the wrong address.

My blog is

There are three e's in 'bleeet' - it's a play on my full name.

Your link sends me to some Danish site. What are you doing? Supporting Danish terrorists or something? Criminy!

Bleeet said...

Oh yeah, sorry to be over blogmenting, but my name is spelled "Brendon" not "Brendan" I guess my momma wanted it to be Irish, but not that Irish. Probably good, considering I'm not actually Irish to any significant degree.

Bleeet said...

I called you "SpecialHaas" on my blog. I liked the rhyme with Special Sauce...

Jim H. said...

Dearest Brendan:

I think i fixed the link to bleeet. Also appreciate your comments. You have blogmented here even before family members because:

1. I haven't told my family
2. I also screwed up the link to my son's blog (since fixed, I hope).

I gotta go...

Jim H. said...

OK. Shit. I will get the first name right one of these dayys.