Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So many ideas, so much time

I have this collection of essays and poems and other bits and pieces, most stored on a USB drive. I was all excited about the first real post on this blog (hint: this is not it), but I have misplaced that little storage device. Crap.

But I did manage to link to a couple of other blogs (see sidebar), which for me is enough of an accomplishment that I am tempted to reward myself with a day off from blogging. Is there some commandment that one shalt blog every day? Is one shunned by the blogging community if one can't come up with some pithy, trenchant entry every single day?

Know what? I don't care.

It's off to search for the damned jump drive and listen to Santana shut down Los Tigres.

1 comment:

Bleeet said...

One needn't blog everyday.

Leads to blindness.